The Lumbovka is the larger of the two rivers. The Kola Reserve Main Camp will be based here. The river has excellent structure and numerous holding pools, with a strong tannin-stain to the water, and a race of powerful deep-bodied fish that fight with the trademark acrobatic aggression that has made the salmon of the Northern Kola such a sought-after quarry.


Lumbovka River is located on the northeast coast of the Russian Kola Peninsula. The roughly 85 km long river evolves out of the confluence of two streams and is mainly fed by a lake system that lies on a plateau in the Tundra. The name Lumbovka actually originates from the Sami word “Lumbal” which means “flowing lake”.

The geographical location of Lumbovka river right between Barents and White Sea, but more importantly older reports and the tellings from locals about two distinct runs of salmon was validated by our scouting over the recent years.

While the wading is rather tough in most places, almost every pool can comfortably be fished from one bank. While novice anglers will appreciate the rather short distance required for a fishable swing, advanced salmon anglers will truly love to precisely target those lies that are further away with long and accurate casts. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a salmon on a long line in swift water, and Lumbovka offers many of those opportunities. In the sum, the intimate nature of the river, its wade-ability, the frequency of fish, and the condition of the fish in this unique combination is the true sales point of Lumbovka and gives this operation the edge over others.

Lumbovka river map

67.7364550664661, 40.994227000404454
3.42° 3.36м/с, N 80%
Avg. temp last month Avg rainfall last month
2022 7.7° 1.1
2021 5.3° 1.4

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